This one could be filed under #DogWalkingWhileBlack.

A white woman used her cell phone as her weapon of choice to call the police on a Black man after his dog humped her pooch at a Attleboro, Mass., park The Daily Mail reports.

But she was caught in action by Franklin Baxley, 42, who recorded the woman making the unnecessary 911 call.

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“Why’re you calling the cops right now? Because I told you I wasn’t leaving the park? Because my dog humped your dog?” Baxley asks the woman.

Baxley said the woman called the humping an “aggressive” act and she believes her dog was assaulted.

Baxley and the unnamed woman engaged in a heated exchange after she demanded that he leave the public park. He refused.

“That’s inappropriate for the dog park,” said Carol Cobb Ferraro, a worker at the park can be heard saying in the video.

“No it’s not,” Baxley shoots back. “I’ve seen every single dog hump another dog here. She’s asking me to leave and now she’s calling the cops?”

Consistent with similar incidents, the woman who has been dubbed “Dog Park Diane” in tandem with others who have called 911 on Black people who were doing nothing out of the ordinary.

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Baxley is a former attorney and he compared the woman’s actions to those of “BBQ Becky”, who went viral for reporting a Black family barbecuing in an Oakland, Calif., park.

“This is crazy,” Baxley calls out. “Have you heard of BBQ Becky? Because this is the newest one.’”

The woman can be heard explaining the alleged crime to the police saying Baxley’s dog “keeps humping my dog and assaulting him.”

But Baxley believes the cop call was purely racially motivated.

“If I were not Black, she would not have felt threatened by me talking to her and defying her orders for me to leave the park,” Baxley told the outlet.

“It was about race if you ask me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this woman does this to just about anyone as she seems a little off.

“I am a responsible dog owner, and my dog is super friendly. Anyone who goes to that park regularly knows me and will attest to that fact.

“The dogs were living their best lives the whole time.”

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Angry commenters fired off on Baxley’s social media page.

“White women these days will call cops on a black person for farting and claim they set off a chemical weapon,” one commenter said.

Attleboro Police did show up and “Peace was restored and no charges were filed,” said an Attleboro Police Sergeant.

“If you see something, say something – and we’ll investigate it,” the Sergeant said.