Wild 911 call from BBQ Becky released and it’s bananas

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The ridiculous 911 call made by Jennifer Schulte, aka BBQ Becky who reported that an unsuspecting family was grilling out in an Oakland park was so absurd that even the 911 operator couldn’t believe what she was hearing and questioned Schulte’s mental stability.

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Like, who calls the police on people peacefully enjoying a day in the park?

On Friday, audio of the 911 calls Schulte made were released giving insight into Schulte’s mind after she targeted a Black family and made several 911 calls on April 29 asking for police assistance at Lake Merritt Park.

“I’d like to report that someone is illegally using a charcoal grill in a non-designated area in Lake Merritt Park near Cleveland Cascade. I’d like it dealt with immediately so that coals don’t burn more children and we have to pay more taxes,” Schulte said in her first call.

In the first call, which was about two minutes, the male dispatcher asks Schulte for a description of the men she’s calling about. The call gets a low priority, seemingly because there was no urgency to have police respond.

Schulte called 911 back and this time a woman operator asks Schulte about her surroundings. Schulte refuses to give the 911 operator her name at first but then does. When the woman asks her for her race, Schulte then defiantly says “My race doesn’t matter.”

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The 911 operator gets suspicious about Schulte’s mental stability.

Schulte: “It doesn’t matter. I want the police to come I’ve been waiting two hours for them.”

Dispatcher: “How are they going to find you?”

Schulte: “They usually call your cell phone when they’re here.”

Dispatcher: “I’m talking to you right now. Have you ever been to John George?”

Schulte: “What’s John George?”

Dispatcher: “It’s a mental facility.”

Schulte: “No!”

Dispatcher: “Ok, then. Please answer my question. They’re coming to you right now.”

Schulte was evaluated previously for a temporary psychiatric hold but it was determined she didn’t fit the criteria, the HuffPost reports.

Oakland City Council member Lynette Gibson McElhaney told HuffPost in May the call was a case of blatant racism.

“Police are not private security for any white person that’s offended by the presence of black folks in our public spaces,” she said.

The operator could clearly hear a bit of crazy in BBQ Becky though.