‘Light’ sentence angers family after fake nurse sentenced for lethal butt injections

Relatives of Latesha Bynum say Allison Spence should have received a harsher sentence after administering toxic shots intended to enhance her buttocks

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A family is outraged that their loved one died after receiving illegal butt injections and the fake nurse who issued the deadly silicone shots could be out of jail within months of a two to eight-year sentence, the New York Daily News reports.

Latesha Bynum’s family feels as though the woman who injected her with butt-enhancements, Allison Spence, is getting off easy after her sentencing Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court. Spence pleaded guilty to manslaughter for issuing the dangerous injections.

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Spence worked for a fake doctor, Kevin Richardson, at his New York office. Spence didn’t have a medical license nor was she a nurse but administered butt injections to clients. Bynum died in 2017, as a result of an allergic reaction to the toxic shot. Richardson was also sentenced to 12-years in prison in September in connection with Bynum’s shoddy butt job.

Spence will be eligible for parole in months, the Daily News reports.

Bynum’s mother Bertie Bynum was visually upset and spoke out at the sentencing.

“Am I happy this woman is getting two to eight?…” the mother said. “(The casket) is where I see my baby,” she said wearing a shirt with an image Bynum in a casket.

Jermaine Wilkins, 30, Bynum’s boyfriend, lamented that he received more time for gun possession.

“I want to know, where’s the justice in this case?” he said. “Seriously. Where is the f—–g justice, man?”

It was recommended by prosecutors that Spence receive a five to 15 year sentence.

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Butt injections a major concern

Butt injections have become such a problem that the FDA has cautioned against it. The FDA web site states:

Injectable dermal fillers are medical devices regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Although the FDA has approved certain injectable dermal fillers for use in the face (for example, to enhance lips and cheeks) and hands, no injectable filler is FDA-approved for large-scale body contouring or body enhancement.

That means you should never get an injectable filler as a breast filler, “butt filler,” or filler for spaces between your muscles. And you should never get any type of injectable filler for large-scale body contouring or enhancement. These kinds of uses can lead to serious injury, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and even death.”

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