Fake cosmetic doctor faces jail after woman dies from silicone butt injections

A woman who gave illicit and unsafe butt injections is facing charges after a patient who came to her died after being treated


A British woman posing as a cosmetic doctor is now facing prison time in the United States after she allegedly killed a patient. The woman reportedly died just minutes after a botched buttock operation was held in rat infested basement, the Daily Mail reports.

In May 2015, Donna Francis gave Kelly Mayhew three silicone butt injections in the basement of her house. But on the third dose Mayhew ‘turned purple’ and immediately went into shock. She passed away shortly after.

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When the 37-year-old realized her patient had died, instead of calling an ambulance, she allegedly cleared up her equipment, fled from the residence, and caught a flight back to London.

Over a year later an arrest warrant was issued and a jury indicted Francis for ‘criminally negligent homicide’. She was ultimately tracked down and arrested by police in London in December 2017, and is facing extradition to the US after being indicted by a jury in Queens.

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A lawyer giving evidence on behalf of the defense described the ‘filthy’ conditions Francis would be subjected to while being screened upon arrival in the US. However, several prisoner’s rights advocates take offense to where she will be sent when she arrives back to the states.

Francis will be brought to either Manhattan Detention Complex or Brooklyn Detention Centre, both of which house male inmates. This will be the first time either would house a female inmate.

According to Zachary Katznelson, a spokesperson for prisoners’ rights NGO Legal Aids Society, “My experience, and I have spoken now with at least over 100 people who have been incarcerated, is that the screening frequently takes three to four days and people during that time are held in filthiness. The walls have vomit, feces, dried milk on them … they are caked in filth. Other times the water doesn’t work at all. There are vermin, mice, roaches and rats on occasion. There are no mats, no bedding, no cleaning facilities … often the toilets don’t work.”

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Katznelson speculates Francis is likely to be sent to one of two jails in Suffolk County, one of which – Riverhead – often denies prisoners access to mental health assessments and has a history of people dying in cells.

“I have never heard of a woman being screened in those facilities,” Katznelson concluded.