Fake NYC doctor who performed illegal butt injections stands trial after woman dies

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One woman’s pursuit of the perfect butt implants ended up costing her more than she could ever imagine.

Donna Francis, a woman who posed as a fake doctor pumping women with silicone, is charged in the murder of 34-year old Kelly Mayhew. Francis, who fled to London, is now facing extradition back to the states to face charges of criminally negligent homicide.

According to the Daily Mail Francis provided three silicone butt injections, in her Queens basement in 2015 and as Mayhew went into shock the fake doctor fled the scene.

Mayhew eventually died from the butt implants procedure.

What went wrong

Although silicone is banned in the U.S., its use is at high demand in the underground market to increase the size of lips, breasts and butts primarily.

According to NBC New York, clients for Donna Francis’ illegal and dangerous procedures were reportedly lined up down the block.

Sadly, Mayhew’s mother was reportedly with her during the fatal butt implants procedure and witnessed her daughter going into shock. She says her daughter stopped breathing and turned purple after the third injection. She pleaded with Francis to help her daughter; however, Francis did not assist her daughter or call 911. Instead she quickly packed her up supplies and left the basement.

Mayhew was rushed to the hospital where they performed CPR in an attempt to save her life but it was too late.

Francis was arrested by British police in December 2017 while at her new job as a hospital driver. She was released with a monitoring bracelet and has since refused to speak, even during her court appearance.

Could there be more victims?

Detectives also suspect that Kelly Mayhew may not be Donna Francis’ only victim seeking butt implants.

The US Food and Drug Administration is reportedly so concerned about illegal silicone that it launched a nationwide campaign designed to warn women using the hashtag: #CheckBeforeYouInject.

The FDA web site states:

Injectable dermal fillers are medical devices regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Although the FDA has approved certain injectable dermal fillers for use in the face (for example, to enhance lips and cheeks) and hands, no injectable filler is FDA-approved for large-scale body contouring or body enhancement.

That means you should never get an injectable filler as a breast filler, “butt filler,” or filler for spaces between your muscles. And you should never get any type of injectable filler for large-scale body contouring or enhancement. These kinds of uses can lead to serious injury, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and even death.

Last month singer K. Michelle fulfilled a promise to her fans to remove her butt implants.

“For me, I’ve always been open. I’ve always been curvy, but it was never enough,” Michelle shared while appearing on the talk show, The Real. “I thought, ‘I’m having trouble with men right now and maybe if I had a big ol’ huge butt, then I’d get bigger love.’ So that’s what I did. I did butt, I did hips.”

The 33-year-old singer said her implants were affecting her health:”It’s to the point where the aching and the pain that made me get checked for lupus, now it’s due to my legs. My butt is so big that my legs are not holding it.”

BET reported that K. Michelle struggled to find a reputable doctor to remove the implants was not easily done. “People don’t talk about it. I’ve gone to doctors who don’t want to touch it. I’ve found one doctor who is going to do it for me. But imagine if you don’t have the money to get it out?”