Birdman says he’s finally ready to get his face tattoos removed

The Cash Money Records CEO is ready to change up his look.

Birdman appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and said that he’s grown and matured and with that comes the decision to remove the tattoos from his face.

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Birdman seems to be losing interest in having his face tattoos.

Toni Braxton‘s fiancée is turning a page in his life and says that he’s finally planning to remove the plethora of facial tattoos he currently has, Complex reports.

On Friday, Birdman appeared on The Wendy Williams Show along with Juvenile to promote their new joint album and to explain that he’s grown and matured and with that comes the decision to take the face tattoos off.

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“I didn’t want to take the head [tattoos] off but I wanted to take the facials off,” Birdman aka Baby said. “I just felt like me being older, I would like to get it off.”

It seems that Birdman has hit some bumps in the road when making business deals because of his inked-up face. He revealed to Forbes that if he intends to keep making money moves, he can’t allow stereotypes about the face tattoos to keep him from securing the bag.

“I just think at this point in my life, I don’t need that,” Birdman told the publication. “That stereotypes you. It takes away from the business and certain things.”

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And it was Birdman’s friend 50 Cent who helped him realize that he needed to make the transition and leave the face tattoos behind.

“I was asking my partner 50. Shout out to 50 Cent,” Birdman said. “Cause he removed his tattoos and I wanted to go to somebody who can take these tats off my face.”

One thing is for sure, 50 will keep it real.

But let’s hope Birdman is actually keeping it real because back in 2017, he professed that he was going to take the face tattoos off and never did.

Be like Nike and just do it, dude!