Police: Uber driver picked up passengers, but later tried to rip off their house

But the burglary didn't go down the way he planned and the would-be robber wound up picked up himself -- by the cops

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An Uber driver tried to take advantage of passengers he picked up and dropped off at an airport by returning to their home to burglarize it, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Police said on April 5, Jackie Gordon Wilson, 38, was summoned to the home of passengers in San Mateo, Calif., to pick them up on behalf of the rideshare car service, which he did, completing the job.

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However, Wilson headed right back to their home to rob it, police said. As he attempted to break in, an alarm sounded, scaring Wilson off. So he headed to a nearby home in the 1700 block of Nash Drive to burglarize it instead, police said.

Police responded to a call reporting the burglary that a home on Nash Drive was robbed. They found it had been ransacked and items had been stolen, police said.

The suspect was caught on candid home-security cameras placed at both properties and police were able to identify him.

Police retained a search warrant and on Friday initiated it at Wilson’s Rancho Cordova home and found the stolen items from the Nash Drive home.

“At the time of his arrest, Wilson was wearing the same clothing he had on while lurking around our quiet San Mateo neighborhood the day before,” the San Mateo Police Department said.

The San Mateo Police Department said video cameras truly helped to make capturing the thief a lot quicker.

“Law enforcement is solving more crimes thanks to surveillance cameras and license plate reader systems.”

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They also warned about security when it comes to using the ride-share service.

“Trust your instincts!” police said in the news release. “If you are uncomfortable with the driver’s behavior or comments or you sense something is not right, don’t get in the car.”

Uber issued a statement saying that Wilson no longer works for the car service.

“We removed the driver’s access to the app as soon as we were made aware of the allegations and stand ready to assist police in their investigation,” Andrew Hasbun, Uber communications manager, said in a statement.

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