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Idris Elba, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Getty Images

A Fast & Furious spinoff will soon be coming to a theater near you! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Idris Elba will be starring in a new action-packed film, Hobbs & Shaw.

The trailer was released Thursday gives a sneak peek of what fans can expect from the movie when it is released on August 2.

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Johnson will be starring as Luke Hobbs and Elba will be playing the role of villain, Brixton, People reports.

Johnson will be teaming up alongside, actor Jason Statham, who plays Deckard Shaw to help protect Vanessa Kirby, who plays Statham’s sister, Hattie, after she ends up stealing a dangerous virus from Elba’s character that he wants back. In the trailer, Elba says the virus could “wipe out half of the population.”

The three are “on the run” from Elba, who is described to be an engineered human who is genetically modified. He is bulletproof and described to be “unstoppable.”  He calls himself a “black superman.”

One of the characters in the movie Madam M, who is played by Eiza Gonzalez, asks the trio,

“So you guys are being hunted by an army of mercenaries led by a genetically enhanced soldier? You’re crazy,” she said.

Johnson ends up going home to ask for help in his family for some “cars” and “guns”, Entertainment Weekly reports. Instead they have to fight with “old school” weapons since his mom threw away all of their guns.

Even though this is so, with his family’s help, the fight in the movie against their rival looks like it will be a big deal. Johnson in the movie says, “We’re going for a ride!” The movie is definitely filled with lots of stunts and action.

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Check out the trailer below: