Brooklyn cop files complaint against fellow officers for a ‘racist culture’ in precinct

Jameek Lowery

A seasoned Brooklyn detective filed a civil rights complaint against two officers in the 66th precinct saying cops use racist language when referring to crimes in minority neighborhoods.

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Last Wednesday Det. Michael Moy, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission outlining the derogatory language cops used as well as his experience being antagonized by officers who have teased him for being Asian, he said.

Brooklyn politicians are outraged and have called for an investigation into the racist claims, The NY Daily News reports.

Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President said on Tuesday the 66th precinct in particular, encompasses areas that include Borough Park and Sunset Park. It’s a community that is heavily populated by Asian, Jewish and Hispanic populations, he said.

“If the allegations that were laid out in the story, if they are true, that’s alarming because that area of the borough is extremely diverse,” said Adams, who served as a former police captain for 22 years in the NYPD.

Moy said in his EEOC complaint, that two fellow detectives “s—canned” cases that involved minority crime victims.

Meaning, “They don’t get the same quality of investigation as other people,” said Moy. “Especially the Chinese because they don’t speak English, and [detectives] can close the case easily.”

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“People who had English as a second language were always reluctant to report crimes against them,” said Adams. “Because there was not a real welcoming energy from the law enforcement agency. And that is why we seek a diverse detective squad, supervisors and others, so that people can see familiar faces and understand the cultural norms of the communities.”

A police spokeswoman would not confirm if the NYPD has started their own inquiry into the claims or not.