A woman holds a sign as she rests against a police barricade during a protest against police brutality at City Hall Park, August 1, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A couple in Georgia was arrested for attacking three Black teens who they accused of sneaking their friends in a Thomson movie theater.

On April 20, Larry Gene Rader, 78, and Antonia Raquel Rader, 63, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by the Thomson Police Department for hitting two 14-year-olds as seen on cell phone video, Augusta station WJBF reported.

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However, the disorderly conduct charge has outraged the parents of the teens who said the couple should face tougher charges because of the assault on their daughters.

According to reports, the teens were reportedly watching “Pet Semetary” at a movie theater when the couple claimed they spotted them sneaking in their friends and alerted management.

Management investigated but left without taking any action.

Apparently, that didn’t make the Radars happy. They then took matters into their own hands after the movie was over and assaulted and harassed the teens and spewed verbal racist insults.

“Hush! You hush!” the woman demands, before calling the teens “a bunch of monkeys.” “You’re going to end up on the streets doing drugs.”

Sharell Yarbert, the mother of one of the teens, witnessed Larry Radar hit her 14-year-old daughter Tocara when she pulled up to the theater. She jumped in and intervened but said the next day after the attack, her daughter’s eye was swollen.

Yarbert insists that charges should be upgraded.

On the other hand, Larry says the kids were the ones who were belligerent ones.

“One of the larger, older teenage girls ran and knocked my wife over,” Larry told the station. “Ran over her, pushed her down. And I bent over to try to protect her and as I was doing that, protect her from being kicked and all that, as I got up one of them, either the same or another one knocked me down.”

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Larry said his wife didn’t hurl racist slurs as Yarbert has claimed.

“If my wife said anything like that I’m not going to get on her about it.  I’m just going to go along with that. It sounds like that could have infuriated them and made them more aggressive.”

Kamiskia Few, the mom of the other teen, Makiyah Burnette said her daughter suffered a contusion to her eye after Antonia Radar assaulted her. She claims her daughter was seen at a hospital.

“[We’re] surprised that an older couple would really try to fight us and we’re so young and didn’t say anything to them or start with them and wasn’t disrespectful or nothing,” Burnette told the station.

“I felt like they were being racist,” Yarbert’s daughter added.” I didn’t really care about that part because I know who I am.”

The teens said they did not sneak anyone in the theater.

Mom, Shanta Bly said she is also pusher for harsher charges for the couple.

“If I whoop one of my kids in public I would go to jail for child abuse or negligence or whatever the case may be,” she said.

Bly’s said her 13-year-old daughter, Marocah Murray, did not let anyone else into the theater.

“All the students at school keep asking us why we let white people hit us in our face,” Murray said adding that they were not the group who let someone inside the exit door.

The pending court date for the case is June 11.