Jesse Williams’ ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee speaks on split and launching podcast for moms

The mother of two talked about her launch of the BBSARETRASH podcast with friend Trian Long-Smith and how she's adjusting since her divorce


Aryn Drake-Lee/ Jesse Williams
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Aryn Drake-Lee has made headlines several times since her split with Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams but it’s usually regarding news on their messy divorce.

Now the mother of Sadie, 5 and Maceo, 3 has some happy news to share about her future. She and friend, Trian Long-Smith launched a podcast for moms called BBSARETRASH (Babies Are Trash) on Mother’s Day.

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“I think a lot of women are still in the place where we’re pretending like we can do everything. And it’s not realistic, and it’s not holistic, and it’s not sustainable,” Drake-Lee told PEOPLE. “I want to empower women to find their voice, to take the mask off so that they can really find the connection and the community that they’re seeking.”

“Trian and I met last year and became very close, very quickly as a result of connecting through motherhood. It’s a very different lane for both of us to come out and share our voices, and show our faces this way. Our tagline is, ‘Two liberated mamas smashing the patriarchy one candid conversation around healing through mothering at a time.’”

While the podcast’s title may seem a bit off-putting, Drake-Lee insists she and Long-Smith intend to deliver the real deal on parenting.

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“It’s tongue in cheek in that when you are in the hard moments, that’s when you learn and that’s when you grow,” she said. “We’re not over here trying to pretend like everything is cool and cookies and rainbows. That’s not at all what time it is.”

She also revealed details about the struggle she has endured since splitting from Williams two years ago.

“I was in a place where I needed the support that was going to help to ground me. Most everybody I had spent the eight years here in L.A., with all went with him,” she said.

“It was a blessing in disguise because it was a real slap in the face to see who was around us and why, and at that point it became very clear. And it cleared a pathway for me to make a shift and get back onto a path that was more in alignment with how I wanted to live my life.”

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Drake-Lee admits she wasn’t naturally drawn to the spotlight.

“Hollywood and I bump heads. It was never my value system, and it was never something that I was striving for,” she explained. “It never felt comfortable for me because of how superficial it was. And then that all became abundantly clear when everybody went left.”