Black 14-year-old boy shot by police devastated to learn cop was cleared of wrongdoing ‘I feel like I’m not even protected by the cops’

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A 14-year-old student, who was shot twice by an Oklahoma City policeman while holding a toy gun, was devastated to learn the officer won’t face charges after he was absolved of any wrongdoing.

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On March 10, Sgt. Kyle Holcomb answered a call that someone was breaking into an abandoned home and said he heard gunshots, reports Oklahoma’s News 4.

“I think it’s a cap gun, but they are shooting something off,” Holcomb says on the bodycam video that was released on May 7th.

Holcomb then discovered Lorenzo Clerkley in a backyard and claimed he had a firearm that was later discovered to be a toy gun.

“Show me your hands! Drop it!” Holcomb shouts in the video. He fired off four shots, two of which hit the teen.

It was determined that the teen had a replica pistol that looked like a real Beretta.

Police spokesman Capt. Bo Mathews told CNN that the teen failed to drop the weapon when commanded by the officer.

Clerkley denied having the gun in hand when the officer fired hitting him in the leg and hip.

Holcomb was placed on paid leave but the district attorney determined that Holcomb would not face charges after an investigation.

The decision has upset the teen’s mother Cherelle Lee.

“Even if he had a BB gun, you still have a protocol to sit there and ask him and command him to do what you need him to do, and once he’s not following that first command, then you take action on what you need to do from there,” Lee told CNN.

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“By the time, I went out the window, I heard a voice say, ‘Freeze!’ and I jumped and looked to the right of me, and then he didn’t even give me no time to do anything — put my hands in the air, anything — and he just fired,” Clerkley said.

“I feel like I’m not even protected by the cops no more. I feel like they’re against me now,” Clerkley told CNN.

The teen said he wants the officer to know, “that I’m actually a good kid, that I follow directions and stuff like that. He just didn’t give me time to follow his directions.”