Violent video shows police wrestle with woman as her baby falls to the ground

A woman dropped a baby when fighting with a police officer but officers argue that they did everything by the book. --Author shames Black DC Metro employee for eating on train, book launch postponed-- Body camera foo...

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There’s outrage in a Georgia community after a hard-to-watch video surfaced of police wrestling with a woman and causing her to drop her baby on the ground last Thursday.

Officers argue that they did everything by the book.

Author shames Black DC Metro employee for eating on train, book launch postponed

Body camera footage shows Breonna Bell, struggling with Covington police on Thursday while holding her 7-month-old infant in her arms. The officer addresses the woman about outstanding warrants and the confrontation then escalates to the point where the police cause the woman to drop her baby during the altercation, WSBRadio reports.

“Let her take the child, OK? What are you doing to my baby?” the woman is heard saying to the officer.

The cell phone video also caught the cop slamming Bell to the ground as her pants fall down.

Today, activists are planning a protest at police headquarters over the brutal arrest.

“The police just grabbed her, and just slammed her, like a wrestling match or something,” Dennis told CBS46 news.

Police officials, however, say the officer did everything right and Bell was resisting.

“Continuously asking for her to put her hands behind her back, officers then arrived, were able to secure her in handcuffs. Immediately after she was secured in handcuffs, her pants, which had fallen down in the process, were brought back up and she was then covered,” said Captain Ken Malcom, with City of Covington Police Department.

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“The officer was attempting to get her to release the child to an aunt sitting in the car, but she did not want to do that,” Captain Malcom added.

Bell reportedly had an outstanding warrant for shoplifting. According to WSB-TV, she is currently in jail, facing new charges of obstruction and cruelty to children.