Ayesha Curry had to go from zero to 100, first celebrating husband Stephen Curry’s NBA Western Conference win to shutting down a troll who tried to fat-shame her beautiful baby boy.

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Ayesha posted a celebratory family photo on Instagram Tuesday along with her husband, other family and their three kids, daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 3, and 10-month old Cannon.

She captioned the photo:

“Infinitely proud of these guys. Gods grace and mercy continues to cover our family and we are so grateful. Not about wins and losses, it’s all about family. Moments like this simply put it all into perspective.”

But it didn’t take long for that sweet sentiment to get stomped on by a tacky troll who seized the special moment to attack Curry and her baby.

“Are you pregnant ? again?????” one follower asked.

“Absolutely not LOL. My 30lb son is just breaking my back in every Photo??‍♀️” she responded.

The celebrity chef and CoverGirl ambassador’s comments about Cannon’s weight made people question his size and her parenting ability.

“30 lbs?!?!? He’s bigger than my 19 month old nephew ???❤️” one user wrote.

“30lbs at 10months?? Sheesh” another chimed in.

“Maybe portion-control his food a bit,”  a user wrote in a now deleted comment.

That response made the celebrity chef and author fire back and push back against the rude comment, “excuse you? No. Just no.”

And Curry’s fans didn’t let her battle the online bully alone and jumped in to support her with positive comments and to shut down the baby body shamer.

“RIGHT!?!! @cashmoneyap should portion control his rudeness!! Chubby babies are the cutest!!” wrote one user.

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“Don’t even answer the nonsense. If you were it’s between you and your husband. And since you’re not just ignore the foolery!! You are a beautiful queen with beautiful family!!!!” noted another #TeamAyesha fan.

And we couldn’t agree more!