Tamron Hall on being replaced by Megyn Kelly ‘I have no ill will’

The new mom, who is preparing for her own talk show says she's not upset about the deal Megyn Kelly got when she replaced her. It was "an offer she couldn't refuse."

Tamron Hall announces pregnancy on Instagram.


Tamron Hall is riding high as a new mom with a new show which is just a few months away from hitting the air.

So with all the good that’s coming her way, Hall says she doesn’t harbor bad feelings toward Megyn Kelly who took her place at NBC.

“I have no ill will towards Megyn [Kelly],” Hall told PEOPLE.

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“They made her an offer she shouldn’t refuse. And they made me an offer I could refuse,” she said.

Hall decided to talk away from the network and consider other offers. It appears that decision worked in her favor since she will host a syndicated daytime show this September. Other offers, however she said didn’t fit with what she brought to the table after years in her field.

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“I felt that some of the offers that were coming in were insulting after 25 years in the business,” said Hall.

She recalls being taken aback by some offers and once said to herself: “Wait a minute. I’ve been doing this a long time, and you’re coming to me with these odd little things,” she said.

Hall however had already proven she has staying power.

“The last week I was on Today I filled in for Savannah Guthrie, who’s gone on maternity leave. I filled in for Lester Holt [on NBC Nightly News] all while I was doing my MSNBC show plus shooting Deadline Crime,” said Hall.

“So I’m putting in all the work and then I’m told, “It doesn’t matter that you came in every time we called. We want something else.’ ”

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Hall then admits: “I wasn’t that “something else.”‘

Hall moved on and she got even more joy when she gave birth April 24 to her son Moses. She kept her pregnancy quiet and now, she’s opening up about why she waited so long into her pregnancy to announce it.

“I was high-risk, not just because of my age, but there were other medical factors too,” the former Today host told PEOPLE in an exclusive cover story interview which hits newsstands on Friday.

Hall, 48, was already 32 weeks along when she and husband Steven Greener, a music manager, shared with the world that they were expecting.

“My doctor said, ‘This is your body, your health. You share of your journey what you want to share,’” she recalls. “I was terrified I would lose this baby and I would have to go back and tell everyone that now it was bad news, and after this pregnancy had gone so far.”

“I just wasn’t mentally prepared to deal with that,” Hall continues. “That’s why I waited. And trust me — if I could’ve gone the whole way to delivery, I would’ve.”