Houston activist Quanell X says he’s no longer working with Maleah Davis’s mom

Although he supported her as the early case developed, inconsistencies in the mother's story brought up red flags, he says, causing him to step down from speaking for her

Brittany Bowens, facing camera, the mother of the missing 4-year-old, Meleah Davis is hugged by Taneshia Brown (Karen Warren/Houston Chronicle via AP)


Houston community activist Quanell X is telling multiple media organizations that he is no longer representing Brittany Bowens, the mother of missing toddler Maleah Davis.

When the station asked Quanell X for a reason, he said there are inconsistencies in her account of what happened before and after her 4-year-old daughter disappeared May 3.

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The activist previously stood with Bowens during press conferences and attempted to advise her. But he has done an about face.

“I don’t think she knows where Maleah is, but I do believe she knows what happened,” the activist told KHOU-TV.


Houston Police say Maleah Davis, 4, disappeared May 4. An Amber Alert has been issued. (Houston Police Department)

Quanell X told the station that he was riding in his car with Bowens when she told him what she really thought happened to her daughter.

“At that point, I knew what needed to be done,” he said. “I arranged to meet as quickly as I could with investigators at the highest level of this case and shared everything that we had learned and discovered.”

He also shared that, a couple of days into working with Bowens, he began to see red flags. Family members shared troubling information with him about Maleah’s care, he said. The little girl had undergone multiple brain surgeries following a head injury.

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“Ain’t no way in hell a parent with common sense would have handled this entire situation the way Brittany handled this entire situation,” he said.

Bowens’ former live-in boyfriend, Derion Vence, told authorities that he was driving with the girl and his son when he pulled over to check on his vehicle and some men in a truck pulled up behind the group and attacked them. Vence said he lost consciousness and when he came to, the girl was gone.

Since then, surveillance video has shown Vence leaving the apartment he shared with Bowens with a full trash bag and a bottle of bleach.

Police have charged him with tampering with a corpse in connection with the little girl’s disappearance.

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