Maleah Davis

Crime scene
The grieving father of 4-year-old Maleah Davis displayed a photo of the little girl’s ‘My Little Pony’ casket following her
/ June 20, 2019
According to a Houston police, the remains of a small child were found on Friday, during the ongoing search for missing 4-year-old child, Maleah Davis.
/ June 1, 2019
maleah davis
Houston community activist Quanell X is telling multiple media organizations that he is no longer representing Brittany Bowens, the mother of missing toddler Maleah Davis. When the station asked Quanell X for a reason, …
/ May 30, 2019
Derion Vence
The father of the man who is suspected and charged for Maleah Davis’ disappearance is claiming that the little girl’s mother should be the blame, according to Inside Edition. Joe Vence Sr., the father of Derion Vence s…
/ May 23, 2019
Maleah Davis’ missing case, and the mysterious detail’s surrounding the four year old’s disappearance, continues to haunt family, friends, and those hoping for Davis’ discovery, alike. On May 4,  four-year-old Maleah …
/ May 15, 2019
maleah davis
HOUSTON (AP) — The mother of a missing 4-year-old Texas girl was heckled outside a courtroom on Monday by people who questioned if she had done enough to protect her daughter before her disappearance. Brittany Bowens, M…
/ May 13, 2019
A 4-year-old girl missing in Texas was temporarily removed from her home by state authorities last year after allegations of
/ May 7, 2019