Kim Kardashian spoke with a convicted murderer sitting on death row in San Quentin prison in an effort to get to know him better as she advocates for his innocence and his release.

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On Thursday, Kardashian talked with Kevin Cooper for at least two hours about his case involving the murders of four people in 1983. Cooper has maintained his innocence and says he was set up by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department who he believes planted his DNA at the gruesome murder scene, according to The Daily Mail.

There’s a chorus of people who believe in Cooper’s innocence too including former Governor of California Jerry Brown who last October ordered a limited examination of Cooper’s DNA. Also California’s new governor Gavin Newsom, also ordered texting in February.

Cooper was convicted in the murders of Douglas and Peggy Ryan, their 10-year-old daughter Jessica, and 10-year-old Chris Hughes in their Chino Hills home.

Cooper appealed the ruling and it was found that his blood, which was found on a T-shirt at the crime scene, had test tube preservative on it.

That could mean Cooper’s blood was taken from a test tube and placed on the shirt. The blood also reportedly didn’t have the blood splatter pattern indicative that a quadruple murder had occurred.

Many have argued that the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department framed Cooper and tampered with witness testimony which placed three white men at the scene who reportedly drove away in the family’s vehicle.

Kamala Harris, who was California’s Attorney General, reportedly refused to allow advanced DNA testing of the evidence in Cooper’s case. In May 2018, Harris responded to the controversy writing:

My career as a prosecutor was marked by fierce opposition to the death penalty while still upholding the law and a commitment to fixing a broken criminal justice system. I’ve long been an advocate for measures to improve and make our system more fair and just.

As a firm believer in DNA testing, I hope the governor and the state will allow for such testing in the case of Kevin Cooper.

Kardashian, who is reportedly studying to become a lawyer herself through an apprenticeship with a California law firm, is being highly sought after along with her legal team. A report from TMZ, said Kardashian has helped free 17 prisoners over the last 90 days “or so,” as part of the campaign, started by Decarceration Collective lawyer MiAngel Cody and Kardashian’s attorney Brittany K. Barnett.


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For the last year, I have immersed myself in learning about the criminal justice system. I visited prisons, met with formerly incarcerated people, and helped with cases of individual injustice – including two death penalty cases. I have met with and am very supportive of Governor Newsom and his decision to help bring an end to the California Death Penalty. Racial bias and unfairness run deep throughout the justice system but especially when it comes to the death penalty. And we should not be okay with the risk that an innocent person could be executed. I hope we can turn toward better solutions that focus more on healing victims of trauma and prioritizing fairness and justice.

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