Biden’s ‘Best Friends Day’ tweet to Obama sparks social media backlash

Presidential hopeful says "Barack did the first friendship bracelet, not me"


In honor of “Best Friends Day” on Saturday, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden tweeted a picture of a bracelet that celebrated his friendship with former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The tweet was of an orange and yellow woven bracelet that featured “Joe” and “Barack” names, accompanied by a smiley face, flower and pizza charms.

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During Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office, Biden served as his Vice President. Newsweek reports, now Biden is the top contender in the 2020 Democratic presidential race.

Biden has often celebrated the love and friendship between him and Obama. ABC News highlighted an October 2018 speech from Biden that acknowledge the memes and jokes dropped on Twitter demonstrating their friendship.

“All those memes? All those memes are basically true. Except I want to make it clear: Barack did the first friendship bracelet, not me.”

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More memes, jokes, and criticism exploded on Twitter once the Best Friends Day message was shared with users and political pundits critical of the move. Statements ranged from the possibility of the damage an endorsement to simply celebrating the friendship.

“I feel like #BestFriendsDay was literally created by the Biden campaign just so he could post that. And what’s really sad is that it’s actually effective, because people are so damn petty and shallow,” one user wrote.

“I think an endorsement from Obama could do more harm than good in this climate. I’m sure the veteran politicians have given this some thought as far as timing and consequences,” another added.

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Biden didn’t give any attention to the detractors and instead returned to Twitter in celebration of the graduation of his granddaughter, Maisy.

In the Democratic race, Biden is coming out of the Iowa Caucus the leader in the polls. The New York Times reports he and Senator Bernie Sanders did lose some ground, while Senator Elizabeth Warren and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg have made gains with voters. The poll states Biden would be the first choice as a candidate by nabbing 24 percent of the caucus goers.