Indya Moore, one of the breakout stars of FX’s hit show Pose, got into a dustup with a Trump supporter holding a ‘Re-elect Donald Trump, Keep America Great, 2020’ sign.

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On Friday, Moore was caught on camera snatching the sign from Dion Cini, who reportedly holds a weekly demonstration with a small group of fellow supporters, across from Trump Tower in New York City.

After Moore snatched the poster out of Cini’s hands, the trans actress stomped on it and seemingly tried to destroy it.

“The actor came over, started kicking a sign, and threw it to the ground,” Cini told

Two other people, reportedly friends of Moore, also tried to intervene. Eventually, a cop stepped in to diffuse the situation.

Moore also reportedly said she “didn’t want [Trump supporters as] fans of his show.”

Yesterday Moore took to Twitter to write: “Thank you for loving my community, fighting for us, supporting us fight for ourselves and others who are experiencing an increase of oppression and violence under this current administration.”

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Moore stars as Angel Evangelista on Pose, which returns for season two this week.