Phoenix councilman says police protesters are ‘anarchists’

At least one city official in Phoenix says there was nothing wrong with the police holding a family at gunpoint in a video of an encounter that protestors have called excessive force

Cell phone video shows officers from the Phoenix Police Department the Ames family May 27, 2019. (GMA)
Cell phone video shows officers from the Phoenix Police Department the Ames family May 27, 2019. (GMA)

A Phoenix city councilman is lashing out at local activists demanding police be held responsible for an encounter with a Black family that went viral for what many believe was an excessive use of force.

According to Phoenix radio station KTAR, protestors have been gathering since a clip was released showing to Phoenix officers shouting and pointing their weapons at a man, his pregnant girlfriend and their two young daughters.

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But after reviewing the video Councilman Sal DiCiccio said, “There was no excessive use of force. The stop was lawful.”

“While the video that shows the conclusion of the incident looks bad, the only element of this arrest, which appears to be out of policy, is the use of foul language during the incident, which is unfortunate, but hardly unusual in a charged situation,” he said in a statement released about the May 27 incident. “The actions of the officers appear to be entirely in line with policy.”

Wednesday the city council passed a budget that included $721 million for the police department and attendees insisted that the council set up a board of civilians to oversee police procedures.

“We already have that,” DiCiccio pushed back Thursday on KTAR.

“These individuals are out to take out the police department,” he said of those who have been protesting. “They want to be able to go in there and start firing officers they don’t like. They want that group to have more power … than what the city manager has. It’s just insane.”

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DiCiccio has made it clear he supports the Phoenix police, despite the national attention and backlash.

“You have this very small group of individuals pushing the narrative that (police) are bad people,” the District 6 councilman opined. “They’re painting the narrative that (police are) murderers. They’re not.”

He also made a point to call those calling for justice “anarchists.”

“That’s what they are,” DiCiccio concluded.