‘Go back to Africa’: Racists in Arizona community target Black foster children

Lisa Sproat, a white foster mom, said the family found a photo and a note that she deemed racist taped to the family's home.

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A white doctor is working to combat racism in her Scottsdale, Ariz., neighborhood after she, her husband, and African-American foster sons were targeted by racists.

Lisa Sproat, an oncologist, told several media outlets that the family found a note and photo taped to the door last week. The black-and-white photo shows a crowd of people protesting, she said. One of the people in the photo is seen holding a sign that says, “Go Back to Africa, Negroes,” according to AZ Central.

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Sproat believes the attack was sparked by the family’s decision to foster two young African-American children. Her husband is also Black, according to AZ Family.

“I suspect that this is spurred by having more African American people in our community,” Sproat told AZ Central.

“The community we live in talks about how tolerant we are … but in this gated community, we have hate crimes,” she told the news outlets.

Sproat is not letting this issue just go, Scottsdale police have confirmed that she filed a police report about the incident. She also attended a community meeting on Thursday and is making plans to turn the spotlight on racism in the neighborhood.

These plans include proposing community education and even possibly sponsoring a community run designed to take a stand against racism.

On Friday Sproat held a rally with about 50 others outside of a McDowell Mountain Ranch community center, in Scottsdale. This was another effort to shine light on how to combat racism in the community.

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“Racism isn’t gone, and it is active and it is not latent, and we need to talk about it,” she said.

Sproat plans to adopt the young Black children, but also has two older white children who were shocked by the incident.

“This was the first time that they had ever seen something like that,” she said.