Alabamians agree with arrest of Marshae Jones whose unborn child died in shooting

In Alabama, many people are siding with the state against Marshae Jones.

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People are largely against the state of Alabama for arresting Marshae Jones on charges that her actions led to the shooting death of her unborn baby.

In Alabama, many people are siding with the state, according to The New York Times.

“I will encourage all U.S. business owners to boycott your town,” one San Diego woman posted on the Pleasant Grove Police Department’s Facebook page.

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Jones, who was five months pregnant when she was shot in the stomach and her unborn child died, was indicted on manslaughter charges for getting into an altercation with another woman. The shooter hasn’t been charged.

In Pleasant Grove, Alabama, located on the outskirts of Birmingham where 10,000 people reside, many believe Jones should be held responsible in her unborn child’s death.

“In the state of Alabama, an unborn baby has the same rights as a living child,” Sharonda Hall, 38, told The Times. “Most people agree with it.”

Forrest Brown, 64, said he thinks the charges are warranted.

“You have to go by the law,” he said.

Alabama is home to the most confining anti-abortion law in the country. The bill, which passed in May, bans all abortions, even in instances of rape or incest.

When Birmingham launched a protest against the new law, only 2,000 people – in a metropolis where more than one million live – came out to rally against it.

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Robert Knight, chief of police and fire for the city of Pleasant Grove, said he follows the law and doesn’t let people’s opinions one way or the other sway his officers from doing their job.

“If the laws are there, we are sworn to enforce them,” Knight told The Times. “That’s what we’re going to do.”

Jones got into a fight in the Dollar General parking lot with a female co-worker named Ebony Jemison, 23. The fight was over a male co-worker. Jones, who is believed to have initiated the fight and was winning it, had Jemison pinned in her car. It was then that Jemison grabbed her gun and fired at point blank range into Jones’ stomach, striking her fetus and killing it.