Mouth almighty pol Tom Tancredo makes 360-degree offensive remark about Biden ‘transitioning’ to ‘half-black’ woman

The one-time presidential hopeful made an incendiary remark that was likely equally and simultaneously offensive to several groups

Tom Tancredo (Photo by Andrea Melendez-Pool/Getty Images)

Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo has an unorthodox suggestion for how Joe Biden could close the gap between him and Kamala Harris and it’s the latest in a line of cringeworthy utterances from the ex-lawmaker.

According to Media Matters, during a segment on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle about the former vice president’s less than stellar performance during his first debate, Tancredo gleefully joked that Biden’s would have a better chance at snagging the 2020 Democratic nomination if he announced he was transitioning to a “half-black, half-Pacific Islander” woman.

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“He was a frontrunner, the Titanic that could not be sunk and he ran into these icebergs called [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris,” the five-term Colorado congressman explained to guest host Jesse Watters.

“These two did a great deal of damage to him. I don’t think he can recover from it. I think it will sink him,” Tancredo, who ran for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination continued before blatantly mocking the diversity many members of the Democratic Party seek in candidates to speak to their multi ethnic constituencies.

“I don’t know what he can do at this point in time to change what is going to be I think the outcome. Maybe tomorrow he says he’s going to transition to a woman,” he continued taking a stag at the trans community. “Better yet, maybe a black woman. Maybe even better, a half-black, half-Pacific Islander. Something like that.”


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While Watters awkwardly chuckled and tried to maintain a tight smile during the deeply problematic rant, he eventually interrupted the former GOP congressman and pivoted the conversation to his other guest, Dee Dawkins-Haigler, an African-American state representative from Georgia.

“That might even be too much for Joe Biden to pull off at this point. Dee?” said Watters seeking a shift in gears.

Dawkins-Haigler chose not to take the bait and steered clear of the prejudicial statements of Tancredo, who has a long history of being sensational and publicly bashing multiculturalism.

Stretching back to 2005, while speaking with WFLA radio host Pat Campbell, Tancredo states that if Islamist terrorists used nuclear weapons in the United States, then one option would be to bomb the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

In 2006, he referred to Miami as a “third world country. ” The city has a large Cuban-American community. Tancredo was criticizing its high crime and poverty rate.

In 2010, during his failed campaign for governor of Colorado, Tancredo said former president Barack Obama was a bigger threat to the United States than al Qaeda.