Tennis player who criticized Serena Williams for not knowing who the number one women’s tennis player is should take a seat

(Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

A former Australian tennis star Sam Groth took issue with how tennis icon Serena Williams reacted to learning about the new number-one woman tennis player.

And he had the audacity to criticize her and offer suggestions on what she should have said.

Um… No thanks, Sammy.

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Williams who has battled against people telling her what she should wear on court when she sported a medical catsuit, and dealt with criticism when she argued with a ref during the U.S. Open women’s final last year, is once again in the crosshairs of opinionated white folks like Groth who apparently feel like its his duty to nit-pick her comments.

Groth wrote a column in the Herald Sun slamming Williams for being unaware that Ash Barty claimed the top spot as the new number one women’s tennis player.

Williams said she had no idea “what he’s talking about,” when asked about Barty’s seeded status.

“I’m happy she’s no. 1. I don’t know anyone that isn’t,” she said.

Groth took Williams response as shade.

“You saw the footage and the way she reacted to the initial question,” Groth said.

“This is 100 per cent my opinion and I’ll stand by it. If you’re an icon of your sport and you have the chance to pump up the future of the sport, the current world No.1…

“Whether Serena knew or not, that reaction and to call Ash ‘nice’ and ‘cute’; she has the chance to say Ash was a fantastic tennis player, she’s a great person for the sport, but she didn’t.

“She called her ‘nice’ and ‘cute’ and didn’t acknowledge that she was the best player in the world, and I thought that honestly was pretty condescending.”

It didn’t matter to Groth that Williams did compliment Barty saying she respects her game.

“I’ve always from the day I played her in Australia had a tremendous amount of respect for her game,” Williams said.

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“I just thought she’s just a beautiful player. She has great technique. I love that.

“I’ve seen her play a lot recently, too. Like I always say, she’s just someone in the locker room that you just always root for.

Clearly Sammy has too much time on his hands.