Ty (Tyanza) James and her late father, singer Rick James (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images and Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

The daughter of the late R&B singer Rick James made her Gwinnett County neighbors in Georgia super mad when she threw an over-the-top party that drew some 3,000 people last weekend to her mansion in the quiet suburban neighborhood.

Her daddy would be proud though.

Apparently, Ty James parties like a rockstar in the same form as her late “Super Freak” father who was known for living a wild and unorthodox lifestyle that inspired many of his songs.

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At least eight people filed complaints with Gwinnett County police, but claim they were of no help so they contacted the local news station instead to help sort things out.

The party occurred on Dogwood Road in Snellville and according to WSBTV the location is down a long driveway, tucked away behind trees and between two churches.

“We called the police and told them there were people walking through the neighborhood with open containers of alcohol and with drugs. And they told us they could not do anything about that. They said, ‘We have to see it,'” said resident Amy Baker.

According to neighbors, the party announcement was posted on social media with tickets selling online for $50 and on Saturday tons of people arrived in the neighborhood looking for a good time.

“There was a lot of seminudity and drugs and alcohol out in the streets,” said resident Katherine Schendel. “There were cars parked all up and down our street. On both sides of our street, potentially blocking emergency vehicles from getting through.”

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“The police stood in my driveway at midnight and said, they were not planning to enforce anything,” said Baker.

Neighbors have expressed concern over another possible party during Labor Day.

“We’re concerned about our property values. They don’t need to be walking down the middle of the street in thongs and smoking dope,” Schendel said.

Ty James, however, denies that any tickets were sold for the party, that is was promoted on social media and claims that there were no issues caused saying it was merely a simple house-warming party that happened to draw in a huge crowd. She did at least apologized to the neighborhood for any inconvenience.

The police department confirms that they received eight complaints about the party on Saturday ranging from noise and traffic problems to fireworks being set off. However, no citations were issued other than for a car accident that happened in front of the property.

“We would love for her to be a good neighbor,” says Yvonne Roberts, president of the homeowner’s association. “We assume someone that would buy a $2 million house with nothing but houses around it, wouldn’t want it for a party venue.”

Gwinnett police have vowed to meet with residents to address all of their concerns.