After a blowup between father and son that came down to fists swinging, it turns out Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., won’t have to face assault charges.

The younger Hunter, 18, was charged for punching his dad Kevin Sr., in the face during a fight that was said to have started because he confronted his dad about his demand for spousal support from Williams. Hunter reportedly cheated on Williams, which allegedly was the catalyst that made Williams file for divorce.

Hunter ultimately didn’t want to press charges against his son and on Tuesday, Kevin Jr. appeared in court to offer his not guilty plea. Prosecutors decided against moving forward with the case and the charges were ultimately dropped, Entertainment Tonight reports.

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According to TMZ, the father and son got into a heated argument back in May in the parking lot of a store in New Jersey. Sources claim the two were arguing about Kevin’s demand for spousal support from his wife. Hunter allegedly called 18-year-old Kevin Jr. “brainwashed” and proceeded to put him in a headlock. Kevin Jr. then reportedly punched his father in the face.

According to a source, “Kevin Jr. was a bit aggressive towards his father and his father tried to control the situation,” The source said, according to ET. “Kevin Jr. then punched his father in the face and the cops were called sometime later. Kevin Sr. and Kevin Jr. have always had a great relationship. Not everything is as it appears and Kevin Sr. looks forward to moving past this.”

Williams recently returned to the air after a five-week hiatus and told her audience she was using the time to reflect.

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“I was just a woman relaxing and gathering my thoughts,” she said about the use of her vacation time. “I had my books, my thoughts, thinking about you, but mostly gathering my life for me, and my son and my family.”

She also spoke briefly about her new boyfriend.

“It helps that he’s a doctor. I am not gonna say one more word, you’re not gonna blow this for me. You’re not gonna blow this for me. But he’s been married, his kids are in their 20s… and yes, he’s Black. I know you’re wondering.”