Some future Wimbledon contenders at the South Fulton Tennis Center in Atlanta got to size up their future competition when Venus Williams surprised them at summer camp.

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Williams, who hit Atlanta to compete in the BB&T Atlanta Open, paid it forward to a group of young tennis hopefuls on Monday at the tennis center which needs help restoring at least 24 of their courts.

“I love to be out here with the kids and the kids enjoy it too. It keeps me motivated. Hopefully we see some future stars come out of this,” Williams told WSB-TV.

The experience of meeting the tennis star was simply, “the best thing ever,” said camper Ranan Givhan to WSB-TV.

“I want to get a college degree, playing tennis, so my parents don’t have to pay and I can make it easier for their lives,” Givhan said.

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Williams also was on deck to help shed a light on the need for funding to fix the tennis courts. So far the city estimates that $600,000 is needed to renovate the 24 courts.