Serena Williams pokes fun at Venus about empty fridge and says she misses living with her

Tennis star Venus Williams has got the whole world in her hands and just about anything at her disposal but she still doesn’t have her fridge stocked. Go figure.

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Her sister Serena jokingly pointed that oxymoron out on Instagram, saying that while she misses living with her older sister now that she’s a married mom, some things are still the same like Venus’ empty and very unoccupied fridge, PEOPLE reports.

“So I’m at Venus’ house, we lived together our whole lives, we’re not living together now which kinda sucks but it’s life,” explains Serena who then opens Venus’ bare fridge. “And I’ve seen nothing’s changed for her.”

Venus who apparently doesn’t seem to do much cooking if any at all – hand a few juice bottles and some takeout in the fridge that Serena says makes sense and explains, “It’s how she stays so thin.”

“This was our refrigerator for like 20 years … we lived together our whole lives, but as adults for 20 years.”

Well, one thing is for sure, Venus can surely afford to fill her fridge. But she’s likely too busy to bother.

In fact, she was just recently in Atlanta to compete in the BB&T Atlanta Open and paid it forward to a group of young tennis hopefuls by visiting them at the South Fulton Tennis Center which needs help restoring at least 24 of their courts.

Williams also was on deck to help shed a light on the need for funding to fix the tennis courts. So far the city estimates that $600,000 for renovation.

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The two are pretty close Serena is 37 and Venus, 39 and often share playful Instagram pics. Like the one shared in January of the two on a tennis court. “Some things never change,” she wrote.

It’s so sweet to see that the sisters are still very close!



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Some things never change

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