VIDEO: Two Mississippi cops choke and taser Black man as pregnant girlfriend records brutal encounter

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An intense scuffle between a Black motorist and two Mississippi Highway Patrol officers was caught on video after the troopers tried to assault the driver for speeding.

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In the video, Robert Morton appears to ask one trooper about why he was being detained as he stood behind his vehicle on the side of a road.

Morton and the patrolman go back and forth and at one point the officer tells him that he’s being detained for speeding and resisting arrest for Morton’s refusal to put his hands behind his back, The Daily Mail reports.

“You’re being arrested for speeding but now you are being arrested for resisting arrest,” the officer tells Morton on the video.

Morton’s fiancé, Porsha Shields records and urgently instructs him to be still as he objects to the officer’s various requests.

Things soon heat up and the officer pulls out a taser and aims it squarely at Morton and orders him to get on the ground, as Shields screams in the distance.

Shields says on video that the officer’s various requests asking Morton to get down, then asking him to take out his ID is being done to “mess” with the man.

When backup arrives on the scene, another officer grabs Morton by the neck, choking him and then both officers wrestle him to the ground.

“Y’all ain’t got to do all that,” Shields screams multiple times.

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Shields took to Facebook to explain the circumstances surrounding the arrest saying that she believes when she told the officer that she was pregnant, that’s when he got aggressive. She said she was slammed and mishandled too.

“I truly felt that I should have never told him I was pregnant because it seemed like he became more aggressive,” Shields told local reporters. “And, what hurts the most is knowing that my four-year-old son witnessed me screaming, crying and getting assaulted as this event will psychologically impact us forever.”

Morton was ultimately charged with speeding, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, seat belt violation, failure to provide identification and to add insult to injury, he was slapped with a $35 charge for damaging a cop’s whistle.

Shields was also charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.