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A 28-year-old belligerent white man was looking for trouble and found it at the end of a Black man’s fist.

Texas daycare under investigation after video of Black child being manhandled goes viral

Joshua Valentine reportedly harassed a black family enjoying themselves at a pool in their apartment complex in Oklahoma City and commenced to tearing into a nasty verbal attack and repeatedly shouted “white power,” News 9 reported.

Witnesses reported that things took an ugly turn when Valentine physically assaulted the Black man, but that was a bad move that got him knocked out cold like Deebo.

Valentine woke up and eventually left the pool are only to return with a baseball bat.

But the belligerent man clearly hadn’t learned his lesson as the father, swung a chair and then beat up Valentine yet again and knocking him out cold again for good measure.

Police ultimately arrived and arrested Valentine on charges of malicious harassment. Valentine was released on bond after spending six days in the Oklahoma County jail.

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