(L to R) Laura Ingraham, Monique Pressley, Candace Owens (Getty Images)

This week Democratic strategist Monique Pressley got caught in the crosshairs during a heated exchange with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and conservative critic Candace Owens about Donald Trump.

According to Media Matters, on Wednesday, Pressley and Owens both made an appearance on The Ingraham Angle to discuss the president’s current war of words with his critics in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

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Things started civilly but then took a left when Pressley echoed the sentiments of many by pointing out how problematic and racially-charged both Trump’s actions and words have been. Pressley also pointed out that this behavior has been going on for decades, citing Trump’s demand in the 1990s that the Central Park Five (who were all exonerated after sexual assault convictions) receive the death penalty.

Ingraham seemingly dismissed the example and quipped, “No one can follow Central Park Five.”

Despite vocal push back from both Owens and Ingraham, Pressley continued to speak about the Central Park Five along with Trump’s comments about Mexicans, his past birther attacks against Barack Obama and history of alleged housing discrimination.

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In response, Owens accused Pressley of making “irrelevant” points. She also accused Democrats of branding the president as a racist with no valid cause.

Ingraham chimed in to agree, opining that it is “reprehensible” that liberals are “literally saying, without saying the actual words, that 100 million-plus Americans are racist.”

“What life in America is that improving” Ingram asked rhetorically.