Conservative Candace Owens is a big hit at CPAC

Candace Owens | Facebook

While Candace Owens, the conservative troll who most recently said that Hitler’s only mistake was trying to take fascism global, won’t win may awards from the Black community, she is the talk of this week’s CPAC.

“People like Candace Owens, we need more leaders like that,” Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said to the Daily Beast. Owens has been the talk of the Conservative conference currently being held outside of Washington, D.C.

Owens, who is the communications director of Turning Point USA, which targets college students and young Republicans who believe in fiscal conservatism, hate socialism and seem to love religion and guns.

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Owens star among conservatives grew last year after Kanye West, in the midst of his bizarre run of professing his love for Donald Trump, shouted her out in a tweet. Owens quickly alienated West by falsely claiming that he had designed the logo for “Blexit,” her group devoted to – somehow – convincing African-Americans to vote Republican.

In December, Owens managed to alienate Turning Point with Hitler statement. Several Turning Point campus chapters called on her to resign. It should be noted that Turning Point has a history of racist and inflammatory statements.

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Leaked internal chats and text messages that show its members making numerous racist remarks—including jokes about Muslim refugees raping people, discussing dressing up as ICE agents to “aggressively grapple Latinas and deport them” and, in a leaked text exchange, Turning Point’s former national field director Crystal Clanton was very clear in what she thought about people like Owens.

“I hate all black people,” Clanton said. “Like f— them all. I hate blacks. End of story.”