Five victims to sue NYPD after bloody weekend at Family Day event

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


After a Black woman said an NYPD officer hit her in the head and knocked her down at the Marcy Houses Family Day event over the weekend in Brooklyn, four other people have now stepped forward and said they plan to sue the embattled police organization for battery.

Woman says Brooklyn cops knocked her down while trying to record a relative’s arrest

Five alleged victims have stepped forward with shocking claims of how the NYPD allegedly battered them and left them brutalized in several violent confrontations.

As previously reported, Janay Graham said she is planning to sue cops who she says assaulted her by knocking her down and hitting her in the head so hard, it opened a gash that required five staples. Grahams said she was trying to record the arrest of her nephew by police.

And now four others say they were similarly assaulted by police and have filed notices of claim, The NY Daily News reports.

Jeffrey Lloyd is the 22-year-old nephew Graham said she was trying to record when cops hit her. Lloyd said on Wednesday that he was victimized and suffers from a torn rotator cuff when cops punched him while he was handcuffed at the housing development.

It was a chaotic scene as cops accosted Lloyd and Graham said after a cop hit her, she fell to the ground as her cell phone continued to record. It appears a cop stands over her on the video and someone screams not to touch the woman lying on the ground.

A video clip also allegedly shows Lawrence Lee, 22, getting pushed to the ground by police and beat at the event at Marcy Houses. He says he has a fractured jaw.

Uniqua Silver, 23, said police allegedly beat her with their baton for having her cell phone out to record them. Silver said she likely will lose one eye because of the brutal assault.

Ron Fernandes, 24, said he suffered an injured jaw during a confrontation with cops.

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