Old white man hurls n-word at Black postal employee, ‘Give me the form you f**king n****r.’

Postal truck (fotolio)
Postal truck (fotolio)

A Black U.S. postal worker in Texas was verbally abused by an old, racist white man who called him a n*gger because he didn’t receive the form he wanted.

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And it was all caught on video.

The man put his white privilege on full display when he demanded that the postal service employee give him a form and then launched into a hateful, profanity-laced, insult-filled tirade on Monday in North Dallas, Fox 4 reports.

“Give me the form you fool. Give me the form you a**hole, you f**king j******. Give me the f**king form,” the man screamed.

“Give me the form you f**king n****r.”

There were audible gasps heard from bystanders as they stood in line shock watching the hateful old man go off.

The postal employee called the cops on Geriatric Jim as he continued his curse-filled rant.

The man left in a rage before police arrived but customers got his license plate number and gave it to authorities and it was reportedly sent to the postal inspector’s office.

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Kian Salem whipped out his cell phone just in time to catch the racist tantrum on video.

“I just had that gut feeling he was going to say something questionable,” Salem told reporters. “So I pulled out my phone. You never know these days.”

The video has since gone viral on Facebook.

Soon enough, someone will identify Beer-Belly-Jeb and make him internet famous. We’ll wait.