‘They hurt my feelings’: Trey Songz and Joe respond to Power theme song backlash

Singers Trey Songs and Joe both had things to say about fan reaction to changes made to 'Power' theme song 'Big Rich Town'

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Last week fans of the hit Starz drama Power flocked to social media to express their confusion and outrage over why the beloved “Big Rich Town” theme song originally performed by 50 Cent and Joe had been remixed by singer Trey Songz. Now both Joe and and Songz are coming forward to address the backlash.

Wednesday, Joe took to his Instagram account to respond to the internet firestorm that fans started on his behalf  and express his gratitude for their well meaning show of loyalty.

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“All in favor say I!,” the 90’s R&B crooner wrote in a caption that accompanies a picture declaring him “The Voice of Power.”

But while Joe may be flattered by the attention, 50 Cent was considerably less tickled by the outpourings of dismay and shortly after the Season 6 premiere aired, he asked viewers to chill out.

“These motherf*ckers talking about Trey Songz. Man, you ain’t bought a motherf*cking Joe CD in years, now you talking about Trey Songz?” he initially clapped back at critics in a caption that has since been edited. “Trey did that sh*t as a favor to me, man. Sh*t, y’all keep this sh*t up… F*ck it, I’ma have to put that motherf*cker back the way it was.”

Trey then jumped in the comments of one of 50’s posts and revealed all the memes and angry posts about his remix caused him “emotional agony and distress.”

“They hurting my feelings,” he wrote.

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Maybe the singer is just joking and poking fun at the controversy, but it’ll be interesting to see if Fitty follows through on his threat to go back to the original version.