50 Cent calls out ‘Power’ co-star Rotimi for owing him $300k

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The pied piper of pettiness is at it again.

This time 50 Cent, who is known for calling out folks on social media, has targeted his own Power castmate Rotimi and blasted him on Instagram saying the actor owes him $300,000 that he wants to be paid back now.

50 Cent trolls an EP who owed him a million dollars and gets his cash

Fiddy laid into Rotimi in a series of embarrassing posts. The rapper claimed since Rotimi now has a new hit “Walk With Me,” that is topping the R&B charts, he needs to cough up his wad of cash that he allegedly loaned him.

The rapper posted a video of Rotimi denying that he owed him money with the caption:

“My man you owe an outstanding $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank.”


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My man you owe a outstanding balance of $300,000 ?now WALK WITH ME to the bank. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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Rotimi posted a video seemingly confused by 50’s request saying he doesn’t owe the rapper/actor a dime.

“I don’t owe 50 money,” he said,

“I just bought a crib. I’m taking care of my family,” Rotimi said.

“Why now?” Rotimi asks.

“Why wait until “Walk With Me” is number one on the R&B charts?”

This is not the first time rapper used social media to get back his coins.

Last month, 50 trolled a Power executive producer who owed him a million dollars and he got his cash too.

The In Da Club rapper’s post caught the attention of his celeb friends like Snoop Dogg who even offered to cough up the $300k just so Rotimi’s character on Power doesn’t get killed off, since 50 is a producer/shot caller on the show.

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Snopp posted a video saying:

“50, imma pay you what Rotimi owe you cuz. I don’t want him to get killed on ‘Power’ [over the debt]. I think you gonna kill him next ’cause he owe you money.”


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@50cent I’ll pay his debt off. @rotimi ??. ? ???

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