Tyler Perry rescues people from the Bahamas and sends seaplane with supplies

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(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

One day Tyler Perry is vowing to help the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, the next he’s wasting no time making it happen.

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Perry is a man of his word as evidenced by his charitable giving across the globe, but this time he’s on an urgent mission and sent his seaplane to the Abaco Islands to deliver medical supplies, drinking water, sleeping bags, diapers and other basic necessities, to the help people after Hurricane Dorian obliterated the island, TMZ  reports.

The devastation is unfathomable after 185 mph winds ripped the country and houses to smithereens on the Bahamas’ Abaco and Grand Bahama islands were some 70,000 people resides.

On Tuesday, Perry, who has a home on the island, took to social media to offer up his pledge and commitment to help the Bahamas rebuild, vowing: “as soon as I can, I will be there to do whatever I can to help you rebuild stronger and better.”

Perry joins a chorus of the celebs like Rihanna who are on a mission to do what they can to help the people and the country to recuperate from “catastrophic damage” from the hurricane, The AJC reports.

Hurricane Dorian hit the Caribbean nation’s largest island at Category 5, wrecked homes, shredded roofs, tumbled cars and toppled power poles for more than 40 hours. The airport is even underwater.

Tyler Perry pledges to help the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastation

On Thursday, Perry made two trips to the island and the outlet is reporting that he came back to the states with seven people, including small children, a pregnant woman and people who were in desperate need of medical attention.

When the Hurricane first hit, Perry offered words of encouragement.

“You’re not only in my heart and my prayers, you’re in my blood,” he wrote. “God bless you. Stay Bahamas strong. The sun will shine again.”