The lawsuit accusing singer Trey Songz of an alleged All-Star Weekend sexual assault, has officially been dropped.

According to The Blast, court documents show that alleged victim, Andrea Buera, informed the judge that she is dismissing all charges against the R&B crooner. Then the court chose to take things a step further and dismissed the case with prejudice, which means she will be prohibited from ever refiling her claims against Songz again.

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Per Buera’s attorney, in August 2018 she alleged that she and Songz were attending an NBA All-Star weekend party in Hollywood Hills when he suddenly became angered by her talking to one of his friends. That’s when she claims the entertainer, “choked her, and repeatedly punched her in the face.”

Not only did the 34-year-old deny these sexual and violence accusations, Trey Songz also requested that the judge throw out the case because Buera was in fact the aggressor in the incident and not the victim.

“For weeks my lawyers & Mgmt have asked me not to comment on this and I initially agreed but this morning I feel that my fam, the women that raised me, my friends & fans especially the youth need to hear from me,” he tweeted when the accusations first made headlines, adding, “I am being lied on and falsely accused for someone’s personal gain.”

His lawyer, Shawn Holley, also maintained that any force the singer used during his altercation with Buera was in self-defense and any damages she suffered were due to her own conduct.

“[Songz] reasonably believed Plaintiff was going to harm him,” the documents read. “Any force he used was only the amount reasonably necessary to protect himself.”

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