Kanye West is on a mini-tour with his ‘Kanye West Experience’ drop-in services but not everyone is here for Ye playing the saint.

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On Sunday, one parishioner at the Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in Queens slammed West’s Sunday service after he surprised churchgoers by hijacking the service and put on his infamous gospel show.

As West shared a word urging churchgoers to “blindly” love and follow the Lord, some complained that the service “had the feel of slaves worshiping on a Southern plantation,” a churchgoer told The Daily Beast.

Clearly some attendees weren’t on board with the man who previously said “slavery was a choice” but then told them to “blindly” keep the faith. Many people walked out of the service and wasn’t intrigued by his takeover stunt.

Others decried the Sunday Service as a spectacle with West and a 150-person choir taking over the already packed facility, which included celeb friends like Swizz Beatz, Alexander Wang, Akon and former NBA star Rick Fox.

“West’s Sunday Service had the feel of slaves worshiping on a Southern plantation, praising select scripture that’s been provided in order to keep them in line,” Brooke Leigh Howard, who attended the service, wrote at The Daily Beast.

“Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral is a predominately black church with roots in African-American rights and equality in worship and society—a far cry from West’s MAGA embrace.”

She continued: “Rather than uplifting that history, West’s take on religion was very much based on loving and following Jesus blindly, as many slaves were taught to do to remain subservient and obedient to their masters.”


Howard even slammed the preacher, Adam Tyson, who she said, “came across like an antebellum preacher using his overseer to keep the rest of the slaves blindly obedient.”

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“So many flocked to Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral with their Yeezies on, sang along ecstatically to every word, trailed his car until it left the church parking lot, and even followed their leader to the listening party for his delayed-once-again gospel album,’ she wrote in her piece.

Howard ended her criticism by saying the idea of Sunday Service could work if it had a different messenger.

“The concept of Sunday Service – enlightening a younger generation through relatable music, a choir dressing to express themselves as individuals, and celebratory dancing – seems inspiring, if it wasn’t a Kanye West Experience,” Howard wrote.