Deon Cole
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 24: Actor, comedian and writer Deon Cole performs his stand-up comedy routine at The Orleans Showroom (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Apparently, Deon Cole once had a ‘beef’ with Stevie Wonder that none of us knew about, and it was all over a girl.

This week while making an appearance on The Real, the blackish star was asked by co-host Jeannie Mai about a feud that he allegedly had with the music legend due to an incident back in 2007.

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“This is real beef,” explained the comedian. “Me and Stevie Wonder. He took my girl from me. We went to this concert. I told her she can go meet him, and she went and met him, and she came back and she was like, ‘Man, here go $100, why don’t you take a cab home.’ I knew her broke ass didn’t have $100. I knew Stevie gave it to her.”

He then went on to explain how he and Wonder ultimately made amends. But given his comedic timing and the sheer outrageousness of the situation, some viewers couldn’t discern whether the anecdote was real or just a tongue-in-cheek part of his stand-up comedy routine.

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“Stevie’s assistant and Stevie walked into this bar, and I was sitting in the cut and his assistant told Stevie, ‘Yo, there go Deon.’ He was like ‘Where?’” said Cole.

“He told his assistant to tell me to come over, and I came over and he was like ‘What’s this stuff you talking about on Instagram?’” he continued. “And I said ‘You took my girl, you know you did.’ And he was like ‘How she look?’”

Cole also shared this humorous story back in August, when he posted a picture on  Instagram of him and Wonder.

“We exchanged some more words, then he looked like he wanted to swing so I stood as close to him as possible so he couldn’t swing,” wrote Cole in the caption. “Then some other people came and calmed us down. Then we talked a little more about it and now here we are, FRIENDS AGAIN! So if you got beef with someone, just talk it out.”