Right-wing host claims God killed Elijah Cummings for opposing Trump

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (L), Rep. Elijah Cummings (Getty Images)

A Black conservative radio host who is known for his incendiary commentary is apparently seeking even lower ground by telling his listeners that he believes God killed Rep. Elijah Cummings as punishment for opposing President Trump.

According to Daily Kos, following Cummings’ passing on October 17, far-right commentator and pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, took to his radio program to make claims that the late House Oversight Committee chairman was just the most recent politician struck down by God for getting in Trump’s way.

“That’s what happens when you mess with The Great White Hope,” spouted Peterson, who refers to the president as “The Great White Hope”

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“If you notice, John McCain, he [sic] dead,” Peterson continues, listing other people he believes God has killed while playing the role of hitman for Trump.

Charles Krauthammer, he dead,” he continues. “And Elijah Cumming, now he [sic] dead. They all didn’t like The Great White Hope, they went against him, they talked about him, now they all dead. That’s amazin’.”

Peterson isn’t the only conservative religious leader who has become convinced the Lord is killing people on Trump’s behalf. While appearing on conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald’s program “The MC Files,” Christian fundamentalist Stacey Shiflett also insisted God ended Cummings life for leading a “cooked, deceptive, demonic attempt” to remove Trump from office.

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“You’ve got a leader that has been in office for over 30 years, that opened the door on unfettered abortion in this country. His civil rights icon status was a joke because he did nothing to bring rights to his people; all he did was divide, all he did was play the race card,” Shiflett said in his blistering attack.

“Everything that he’s done has been nothing but trying to take this president out,” he concluded about Cummings who he believes was a corrupt and lawless leader. “I believe that God had had enough, and God moved.”

However, in his response to the news of Cummings’ death, the president was decidedly more tactful.

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