Looks like Megan Thee Stallion may be following in the footsteps of Jordan Peele and taking a stab at writing horror movies.

Even though the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper who recently signed a management deal with Roc Nation, will have her hands full while she working on her debut studio album, she recently revealed to Vogue that she’s found a new passion for screenwriting.

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In the latest episode of the fashion magazine’s 24 Hours With… , the Houston native shared that she’s currently working on a script. When pressed for more details, she elaborates, “It’s for a horror film. Everyone knows I f**kin’ love horror movies.”

“I’m not even gonna lie to you, I think it’s Evil Dead,” she responded when asked what her favorite horror flick is. “I like movies that make you semi fall in love with the villain so you have sympathy for him. You’re not gonna want the villain to die, maybe he won’t die. ‘Cause I feel like every good story, you can’t just necessarily kill off the villain. That’s why the Batman never killed Joker. How the f**k would you have Batman with no Joker?”

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To her previous point, this isn’t the female MC’s first time opening up about her love of horror. During a previous interview at SXSW earlier this year she shared, “I definitely wanna act, but, the crazy thing is I actually wanna write scary movies. It’s my favorite genre, and I feel like scary movies that have been coming out lately have been so predictable and so boring.”

Check out the full episode of 24 Hours With… below.

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