Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is now so viral it’s become a Halloween costume

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Over the summer many of us found ourselves confused by (and then pulled into) the unexpected rise of Popeyesโ€™ Chicken sandwich. Now a mother and son have gone viral for using the pandemonium as inspiration for their Halloween costume.

According to USA Today, this week Las Vegas nurse Nidra Cummings and her 2-year-old son Nathan, are contenders for the best mommy-and-me costume award after pictures of them began circulating online.

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As soon as Cummings shared photos of her son dressed like a Popeyes chicken sandwich and herself dressed like Popeyes spokeswoman Annie to their joint Instagram page the photos of the adorable duo instantly went viral.

“I wanted something to match my son’s personality,” Cummings told USA Today, adding that her outgoing toddler is already a foodie.

The newspaper reports the chicken sandwich inspired get up came together using two Popeyes boxes. She then used felt fabric from the craft store to make the sandwich elements, which she made sure were “authentic โ€“ no sesame seeds and just pickles and sauce.”

The “fried chicken” effect was achieved with corn flakes glued on the sleeves of a shirt from Target.

Cummings creative costume making skills come on the heels of Popeyes’ announcement on Monday that its famed chicken sandwich is coming back Nov. 3, months after selling out nationwide in September, causing a fast food frenzy.

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What makes their newfound fame even more gratifying is that Nathan is a bit of a miracle baby. After he was born, he was in the NICU for a month and had surgery on his stomach at just 4 days old. After such an early ordeal the doting motherย  said that it was an “uphill battle” trying to get her baby to eat, causing her to worry he wasn’t going to be able to.

But now her “fun and funny” boy is now a “really good eater,” which makes the choice of this particular costume – which she made herself – feel like a full circle moment.