White Popeyes customer targets ‘N- Word’ rant at Black patrons; catches beat down

Popeye’s dominated pop culture conversations with their spicy chicken sandwich. (Getty Images)

Although social media would have you thinking only Black people are standing in line for chicken sandwiches, this week a white Popeyes patron was captured going on a racist rant and yelling the n-word at least five times at other patrons before it lead to him being beaten outside the restaurant, forced to apologize and stripped of the coveted chicken sandwich he purchased.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @ayeblizzy posted a video of a white man shouting obscenities and racial slurs in the direction of Black customers who were standing peacefully in line waiting to order. The location of the restaurant is unclear and wasn’t revealed in the video.

The 45-second footage, accompanied by the caption, “Racists love chicken too” went viral and quickly attracted more than 1.8 million views.

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While it remains unclear what set the unidentified man off, at the top of the clip he can be heard yelling “f–k you” and aggressively posturing towards whoever he is talking to as if attempting to bait them into a physical altercation.

“Come on n—-r,” the man screams repeatedly, then goes on to inquire, “What the f–k is your Goddamn problem? Huh? You want to be a motherf—-r man? You want me to f–king kick your f–king ass, you piece of s–t?”

“You’d better not touch me…” the man responds calmly, remaining quiet otherwise.

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“You’re right I won’t. You’re right, n—-r…” the white customer shouts. “Shut the f–k up.”

He then grabs his bag of food, balls up one of his fists and lunges in the direction of the hooded Black man before walking out of the restaurant screaming the n-word.

“Get the f–k out of my way,” he yells at bystanders as he storms out.

What goes around…

Unfortunately, stories of white people verbally assaultin Blacks for minor reasons are pretty common these days. Many assumed this story might end with the white patron storming out unchecked.

However, despite how calm and non re-active customers were inside the restaurant, the bystanders who the man screamed the n-word to on the way out, were much less forgiving.

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Tuesday, a Twitter user who goes by @brandolucianoo posted a follow up clip that shows the man slumped on the ground while someone asks, “Who you calling a n—a, n—a?”

“They whoopin’ him,” a witness yells as he receives blows to the body.

“Smack him,” another person yells as a crowd of customers forms outside of the restaurant.

At one point in the video, the words “They rl took the sandwich from bra tho” appeared on the footage, signaling that his sandwich was confiscated as additional punishment for his racist tirade.

“Say sorry! Say it right now,” someone could be heard demanding of the man just as the footage cut off.

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