Alexis Crawford
Alexis Crawford, missing Clark Atlanta Student (FB)

A student accused of killing her Clark Atlanta University roommate, Alexis Janae Crawford, was denied bond Thursday.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Thursday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Rachel Krause ruled that Jordyn Jones, who authorities believe helped strangle her friend to death, should not be granted bond.

Krause determined that the young woman is a flight risk and “may in fact have engaged in the ultimate intimidation of witnesses.”

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During the proceedings Fulton County prosecutors claimed the 21-year-old had called the victim’s family in an attempt to conceal key details about a rape accusation against her then-boyfriend Barron Brantley, which allegedly happened just days before the murder.

“On her own volition the defendant Ms. Jones called family members of Ms. Crawford and told them that there was no DNA found in the rape kit,” the prosecutor said according to Atlanta station WXIA.

“Well that is incredibly incorrect, the results of the rape kit indicate” that Brantley’s DNA was found, according to the prosecutor.

Both Jones and Brantley are being charged with felony murder in connection with the Oct. 31 death of the CAU senior.

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Crawford was reported missing on November 1st and her body was found on November 8th in a DeKalb County park after a weeklong search. During Thursday’s proceedings prosecutors said Jones had already started making plans to withdraw from school and return to Michigan just hours after Crawford’s death.

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Investigators believe Crawford was strangled and smothered to death following a physical altercation with Jones, who at the time was not only her roommate but also considered a close friend. They suspect Brantley jumped into the altercation which led to him chocking the young woman to death with his hands.

The warrant for Jones alleges she smothered the victim with a black trash bag until she stopped breathing and then methodically taking steps in the following days to cover her tracks.