Will Smith surprises iHeartRadio receptionist right before she transitions into retirement

Actor Will Smith. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Will Smith surprised a receptionist he first met at iHeartRadio in New York City nearly 30 years ago at her retirement on Friday.

Anita Scipio said she first met Smith when he was just beginning in the industry and called seeing him again at her retirement “a full circle” moment.

In the surprise video, Scipio screams in delight and embraces Smith in a huge hug when the actor approaches her desk.

“I’m retiring sweetheart,” Scipio says. “I can’t believe it. Will, I met you like 30 years ago. You came in here, you were just getting started and I met you then for the first time. Now to have you back again, it’s full circle. God, I love you. You’re amazing!”

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“Oh my goodness, you’ve made my day sweetheart,” she added. “God bless you.”

In the midst of all the hugs, Smith tells her that he hopes that she enjoys her retirement.

“I’m gonna have some fun. Full of love and happiness for the rest of my life,” Scipio promises. “God bless you darling and your beautiful family,” Scipio said.

Smith also posted the exchange on his IG page and said it’s moments like this that brighten his day.

“My favorite moments on the road are the ones where I can connect with people like @anitascipio,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “I met her at the front desk before one of my VERY FIRST interviews of my career… and yesterday I was lucky enough to see her off into retirement 30 years later. She said I made her day. Y’all… she made MINE. Enjoy yourself Mama and keep spreading that love & light wherever you go!”

D.J. Jazzy Jeff shared love for the moment in Smith’s comments.

“Tears…You have made people happy for a long time My brother,” Jeff wrote.

Comedian Martin Lawrence, who also co-stars with Smith in Bad Boys for Life opening on January 17, added “She was amazin wasn’t she!?”

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Musician extraordinaire Questlove slid into the comments with his own experience at the streaming radio platform.

“Lol I WORK AT IHEART and they never be all happy to see me walk in there.” He signed off with 9 frown emojis.