R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary reportedly working with Federal authorities

Sources say that Azriel Clary wants to take back control of her life

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Azriel Clary, who is known as one of R. Kelly’s longtime girlfriends, has decided to move out of his Trump Tower condo in Chicago. (Photo provided by Getty Images) Sources close to Azriel Clary

Last month R. Kelly’s now ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary left the singer’s home and went back to stay with her loved ones. Now the young woman has reportedly started working with federal authorities in New York assigned to his federal sex crimes case.

In the past, Clary was a vocal proponent of Kelly’s innocence. However, according to TMZ sources close to the case claim, she has now completely stopped supporting the singer and is singing like a canary about what she knows.

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Although she was allegedly hesitant to cooperate with federal agents in the past, sources say the young woman has since come to the conclusion that the entertainer manipulated her and hundreds of other women. She now wants to do her part to put an end to his antics.

This new stance comes on the heels of a violent physical altercation that took place in January between her and Kelly’s other girlfriend Joycelyn Savage. The whole incident was caught on Instagram lived and led to Savage receiving a battery charge.

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Complicating matters is the fact that Clary signed an NDA with Kelly, which has understandably exacerbated her fears of being hit with legal retaliation. However, she’s willing to take that gamble because she wants to finally “take control of her life.”

Since reconciling with her family, Clary has received death threats from R. Kelly’s online fanbase and fears for her safety. As a precautionary measure prosecutors have been monitoring the threats made against her and several other alleged survivors of Kelly’s abuse.

“We are surprised to learn that Ms. Clary is now making these allegations. Restricted by the protective orders the prosecution requested, we are not able to litigate these matters in the press. However, the information provided is directly contrary to facts that have been brought forward by Ms. Clary in the past,” Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, said last month to The U.S. Sun.

“The facts she is now reciting are directly contrary to her numerous other accounts, as well as —in certain instances— what we expect to be the documentary proof from sources not involved in any of the pending cases. In sum, Ms. Clary had a long-term consensual relationship with Mr. Kelly. It continued after he was arrested when she was free to do as she wished. It is clear that she now seeks to benefit from their relationship. The allegations are not true.”