Rachel Maddow calls out Shaun King over Bernie Sanders tweet

King claimed that Maddows reported there was an agenda to rig the primaries against Sen. Bernie Sanders

Shaun King and Rachel Maddow (Credit: Facebook)

Shaun King was trending Wednesday morning on Twitter after MSNBC host Rachel Maddow called out the staunch Bernie Sanders supporter.

He falsely claimed she reported, “multiple senior officials” were conspiring to interfere with Sanders run for the White House.

Tuesday afternoon King tweeted, “@MSNBC & @maddow just reported that multiple ‘senior officials’ within the Democratic Party are interfering with the primaries to stop @BernieSanders,” adding, “They reported that the party has asked Bloomberg to drop out so that Biden would have an easier time against Bernie.”

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Maddow responded to King, writing in a tweet, “I didn’t report any such thing.”

Despite Maddow calling him out, King only doubled down on his claims with a series of tweets.

“You absolutely did,” he pushed back.

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“This is you,” he continued sending her a clip of her speaking on MSNBC. “You then say, “The Bloomberg campaign is experiencing INTENSE PRESSURE from multiple sources from inside of the Democratic Party that he needs to quit.”

The video King refers to shows Maddow citing reports from NBC’s national politics reporter Josh Lederman that the Mike Bloomberg campaign was feeling “intense pressure” from Democrats Tuesday evening to drop out of the 2020 race.

Twitter users wasted no time calling him out on his history of spreading misleading and at times false information.

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“This highlights how broken some people’s brains are,” wrote one frustrated user. “If there’s pressure on Bloomberg to drop out to consolidate behind a moderate, that’s “interfering.” But pressure on Warren to drop out to support Sanders is good and normal.”

“I’m sick of this c**p,” wrote another. “This is why the Sanders campaign is so mistrusted. @maddow DID NOT report this. And senior officials are not ‘interfering’ in the primaries. @BernieSanders is a Democrat once every four years. Maybe he’s the one interfering in our primaries.”