R. Kelly’s ex girlfriend Azriel Clary claims singer made her eat own feces in documentary

The video also highlights audio of a distraught phone call between the young woman and the singer in which he pleads with her not to end the relationship

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Azriel Clary, who is known as one of R. Kelly's longtime girlfriends, has decided to move out of his Trump Tower condo in Chicago. (Photo provided by Getty Images) Sources close to Azriel Clary

R. Kelly’s trial may have been rescheduled until October but his former girlfriend Azriel Clary is still moving full steam ahead with her plans to reveal all the sordid details of their relationship via an upcoming tell-all documentary.

Thursday, a clip was released from a new documentary called Precedence. In the teaser, produced by AsIs Entertainment Network, a somber Clary is seen talking to someone on speakerphone as she hesitantly admits to the caller a time when Kelly allegedly forced her to eat her own fecal matter on camera.

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“He has a video of me—he made me do this video, actually—doing a number two in a cup and then eating it out of a cup,” Clary recalled to someone believed to be a federal agent.

The video also highlights audio of a distraught phone call between the young woman and the singer. Kelly could be heard pleading as she informs him that she’s had enough of their relationship.

“It’s done, it’s done, it’s over, you may not even make it to trial. I’m so sorry for you,” Clary informs the now 53-year-old as he repeatedly tells her that he loves her through sobs.

“I’m sorry, I really did love you and you lied to me, you used me and you played me,” Clary continued, remaining firm in her stance.

Precedence doesn’t currently have an official release date but the video teaser for the documentary was dropped on the same day that the embattled R&B singer pled not guilty to an updated federal indictment. It now also adds a new accuser referred to as “Minor 6” as well as child pornography, conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, and other charges.